Lafayette Township Trustee

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Your Lafayette Township Trustee is here to provide assistance and resources to Lafayette citizen experiencing hardship or emergencies.

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What we do.

In addition to providing financial assistance, your Lafayette Trustee can provide you local resources to help alleviate an emergency and support a safe and healthy lifestyle. 

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A trustee is responsible overseeing those with financial needs and distributing relief. The trustee is charged to care for those experiencing financial stress by the most economical means available and at the same time is charged to be sure that the necessary needs of an individual or family are met. The applicant must show that they are unable to provide those needs through personal effort and that they have exhausted all other means.

A trustees may cooperate with other agencies and churches. In the Trustee’s system, the trustee has the freedom to discern whether or not an individual has and is willing to put forth that personal effort to help themselves. (Indiana Code Title 12)